Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Half moon nails!

   I did half moon nails yesterday! It was my 2nd attempt of the day. I first did it with minty green upper and purple moons. I love the combination but I made some critical mistakes. Too many coats of polish and when I took my stickers off it peeled the polish underneath. I took the polish off and went and worked on some other things around the house and came back to it. I decided to use 2 polishes that are very close in color so if it was off then it would be harder to tell. This worked pretty well!
Far Left: Sunset Orange, Middle: Jack Pot, Far Right: Top Coat

  • Polishes used: 
    • Jack Pot from Pure Ice (Top coat)
    • Sunset Orange from Rimmel London (Under coat = half moons)
    • Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening top coat
  •  I also used page reinforces to get my guide! 
  • After I finished my nails I found out that your supposed to peel the stickers off when the nail polish is still wet! Part of my problem was that I was waiting till it was dry.
 I think it turned out alright. I think that I will try it again. Although I would like to get it done professionally one day. But as a broke college student that has to wait.

Base Coat

Finished nails, already chipped. It did not last long but hopefully next time it will!

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